Quality Team

Bio-Mark Pharmaceuticals Quality Assurance and Control teams consist of highly qualified and well-trained professionals. They continuously monitor the quality of our product at all stages of manufacturing using validated analytical methods according to cGMP standards.

Technical staff that carry out these critical functions are well trained and their skills are continually updated. Our focus is on remaining competent and competitive.

We have our own most modern Quality Control Laboratory, in our premises. We claim to have the most Competent Technical Staff equipped with Ultra-Modern Q,C. Apparatus to ensure high standards of the quality of the products, we manufacture and market.

Quality Assurance is achieved using a two-pronged strategy. One, by embedding a quality check cycle at every stage in every process. Two, by instilling quality consciousness in every member of our team. This way, quality becomes an integral part of everything we do. Our effort to assure highest quality is supported by the right infrastructure at the right place.

Additionally, we have well-equipped laboratories which ensure that our procedures are continually scrutinized and upgraded to comply with internationally accepted standards.

Quality Equipment

We use latest Equipment to develop and deliver testing and analytical solutions to add value to products and projects.
With analytical and method development capabilities supporting our quality control facilities we can minimize disruption, transit times and costs. We work to understand the results.

Quality Policy

Quality is the foundation of our company & is fully embedded in our purpose & values. Bio-mark’s quality policy reflects our desire to maintain quality-focused culture. We aim to deliver products & services to people that are safe & effective.

At Bio-Mark, we focus & invest in our people, systems & facilities to continuously improve the quality of our products & to achieve customer satisfaction. Our systems & activities are regularly monitored to ensure that our standards stay compliant with current regulatory requirements & the quality expectations of patients & healthcare professionals

At bio-mark, we are involved in & dedicated to achieve high quality standards for our products & services through the application of bio-mark’s management system (BMS) for quality & safety, health.

Total Quality Management is planned, implemented and monitored in:
- Material Management
- Human Resource Management
- Production
- Quality Control Lab
- Quality Assurance
- Maintenance
- Environment
- Customer Services